Baby Chiropractor

What do you think about chiropractors for baby?

Your nervous system controls everything. Chiropractic looks at the way your child’s nervous system is functioning through feeling for small restrictions in the movements of the spinal joints. These restrictions are the body’s way of communicating any imbalances. The nervous system controls what muscles tighten up and consequently, what joints are restricted. It can also work vice versa, the joints, be them irritated/sprained, may cause irritation back to both the nervous system and the surrounding muscles. By relaxing any stiff/irritated joints in the spine, the stimulus that may be causing the child to be irritable, is decreased, and the child then begins to feel more comfortable, more able to cope with everyday stimuli, and living with a nervous and immune system that is now functioning optimally. You may notice your child’s response to treatment in other ways too – some feed easier, some wind easier and some are generally a lot more content during awake times.

We have a passion for treating babies, children, and families.  It is very important for children as well as adults to get their spines checked and adjusted regularly.

What happens with the babies?

Chiropractic adjustment for babies is a very basic gentle adjustment of the spine. Chiropractors will do safe and gentle treatments for babies.

How much treatment will my child need?

Children respond very quickly to chiropractic care (much faster than adults with years of abuse to their bodies). Most children will experience improvements in their problem and a return to health after just a few treatments. The amount of treatment needed will depend on your child’s unique situation, but after your first appointment the pediatric chiropractor will lay out a customized plan and let you know what to expect. No surprises here.