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30 Minutes Workout Blitz For Weight Loss

As it turns out, it is possible for you to stay in shape by working out in just half an hour. A weight loss research that involved moderately overweight male participants reports that people who engage in a daily 30 minute-workout regimen for 3 months lose an average of 8 pounds. It fared 2 pounds better compared to the 6 pound-average weight loss for people who works out for an entire hour.


60 overweight men who were all keen on shedding off some pounds were randomly divided into two groups – designation A and B. Group A was a moderate exercise group and Group B was high exercise group.

For 13 weeks, the participants from the high exercise group (Group B) engaged in intensive exercises like running and cycling for a solid hour. The other group, on the other hand, worked out for only half an hour within the same 13 week-duration.

At the end of the study, the participants who worked out for half an hour (Group A) showed similar or even more promising results that those who worked out for a solid hour (Group B). Thus researchers concluded that a 30 minute-workout blitz works better than an hour long workout.

What Makes For An Effective 30 Minute-Workout

According to 2006 Trainer of the Year Jonathan Ross, for your daily 30 minute-workout to be effective, it should consist of both resistance and cardiovascular training.

Ross likes to think that a workout that is two-thirds resistance training and one-third cardiovascular training works best. When translated into a 30 minute workout regimen, that’s 20 minutes of resistance training and 10 minutes of cardio.

For people to transform their body into a lean and mean fighting machine, a workout that constantly demands for more intensity is what is required.


Top 10 Common Workplace Injuries In Australia

Safe work environment is a responsibility of both employers and employees. It requires a team effort and cooperation to make the work place safe for everyone.

There have been a lot of safety strategies designed and implemented to avoid work related injuries. However, according to statistics, serious workplace injuries are still far too common. The injuries are present in different organisations, in all kinds and sizes.

Based to the data from Safe Work Australia, the work related injuries cost Australia 5 percent of the nation’s GDP. That is around %60 billion every year. Most of the work related injuries happen during random incidents that are possible to happen to anyone at anytime.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Safe Work Australia Compendium of Workers’ Compensation Statistics, here are the top ten common workplace injuries in the country:

10. Burns – An individual form of work related injury that makes up 1.4 percent of the general figures of reported incidents.

9. Dislocation – Makes up 1.5 percent of incidents. Falls and trips usually cause them.

8. Hernia – Can be caused by improper lifting of heavy objects. This is also due to the separation of internal organs from the tissue holding them in place.

7. Deafness – Make up 3.6 percent of work related injuries. This is due to excessively loud equipment that produces sound over 85 dB.

6. Dorsopathies – Makes up the 6 percent of the work related injuries. This is caused by undue pressure on the back.

5. Tissue Disorders – This disorder involves disorders of muscles, tendons and soft tissues. This makes up 6.3 percent of all the work place related injuries in Australia.

4. Contusions – Make up 6.4 percent of the reported workplace incidents. These are bruises and skin injuries that have no open wound.

3. Open wound – Employees who work using machinery and sharp tools are the ones that are usually acquiring open wounds. This makes up the 7.7 percent of workplace injuries.

2. Fractures – This is the second most common work place injury in Australia. It makes up the 8.5 percent of the total incidents.

1. Sprains and strains – This makes the 41.8 percent reported incidents of all reported work related injuries in Australia. Improper lifting of objects and lack of proper stretching cause this.

All of these common work related injuries could be prevented if:

– Use proper lifting techniques
– Wear footwear suitable for the job and protective gears
– Keep an eye of items that can pierce your skin
– Proper training on using equipment
– Avoid repeating the same action for long periods of time.
– Take regular breaks
– Always maintain good posture
– Keep the working environment clutter-free as much as possible

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Corporate Wellness From Action Health Centre

Happy people are productive workers. This is a fact proven so many times in various ways and situations. On the other hand, complaining and unhappy workers might put your entire business at big risk.

According to some studies, unsatisfied workers create dull environment at work and affects the quality of work they produce. It’s also very alarming that most of the patient seeking help from a Sydney CBD chiropractor have work-related illnesses. As a result, these workers see their jobs as their own stressor. They will always look forward for a much needed long vacation, which might mean absence during working days.

Monetary incentives can do some trick for motivating people to work but not all the time. Some surveys were conducted and results showed that most of the employees appreciate it more if they are recognised at work for the great job they did. Healthy relationship among workers is also an effective motivation for an employee to perform and hit the company’s goals. There are other various programs and incentives that are proven to be effective but employers find it hard to implement. Encouraging these unhappy workers to join the program they initiated is also a challenge.

As an employer, we certainly want our people to work at their best. If making your employees happy is a challenge to you, Corporate Wellness is the solution to that dilemma. Your Sydney CBD chiropractor can definitely help you in situations like this.

Corporate Wellness

Offered by Action health Centre is focused on enhancing major aspects that can help motivate your employees to work with desirable output. This includes building healthy relationship among the workers to create a positive connection among the employees. It can help establish trust and respect to one another.