Overview of Active Isolated Stretching

Stretching keeps the muscles and ligaments loose. Many athletes do this to prevent injury. People usually do stretching before starting a game, an exercise, or a workout. This normal stretching is good for the body. But if you want to be more flexible than you already are, you can do active isolated stretching instead.

What is Active Isolated Stretching For?

You can hold regular stretches for 10 seconds by using the weight of your body. For example, you can touch your toes to stretch your hamstring or do butterfly stretching for the inner thighs. Meanwhile, in active isolated stretching, you can use a rope or band to enhance the flexibility and range of motion by focusing on a specific muscle.

During the exercise, the rope will give you resistance that will pull the muscle a little bit further than it is usually stretched in normal stretching. Before released, you must hold the stretching for just a couple of seconds. With this each active stretch, your body will gain improved motion range until up to 10 degrees.

The rope or other aid used in the stretching will allow the rest of the body to relax. For example, you can gently pull on a rope to stretch the leg muscle further than it is usually strained when you only use your weight. This technique will allow you have greater control over your stretch degree, which means you can stretch further without getting injured.

What Can Dynamic Stretching Therapy Help You?

Active isolated stretching is the best option for anyone who is suffering from injury or wants to prevent injury. It is better if you consult you chiropractor to find what your body actually needs. After that, they will assign specific active isolated stretches to be done between visits. Active isolated stretching will improve the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment because it allows your body to keep moving and increase flexibility. To ensure that your spine is aligned and relaxed, your chiropractors will give you a health plan combining active isolated stretching and other treatments.