Why Run In The Morning

Among the most popular forms of morning exercises, running is arguably the most efficient way to jumpstart your day. Even if you are not necessarily a morning person, running early in the day helps you foster a discipline. Read on as your local Sydney CBD Chiropractor tells you why you should consider running in the morning.

Improved Work Productivity

Running in the morning jogs any lingering sensation of sleep out of your system, quite literally. When you run early in the morning, you arrive at work already wide-awake. You are focus, alert, and ready for the day ahead.

Better Diet

Completing your workouts early in the morning, you tend to take a healthier approach to your choices of post-run nourishment throughout the day. Earning a sense of accomplishment in having accumulated your miles first thing in the morning, you are less likely to sabotage your fitness efforts by staying away for unhealthy food choices.

Weight Loss

While there are many reasons why people hit the trail and tracks, most people lace up their running shoes to shed off extra pounds. Even a quick run in the morning is proven to jumpstart your metabolism. Hours after the run, your body goes in a state of after burn, which continues to burn calories throughout the day, thus promoting weight loss.

Also, because running early in the morning requires that you hit the sack earlier at night, you prevent yourself from any late night snacking.

Better Sleep

A growing body of study confirms that people who wake up for regular early morning workouts experience a more restful sleep compared to those who engage in afternoon and evening exercises.