Top 10 Common Workplace Injuries In Australia

Safe work environment is a responsibility of both employers and employees. It requires a team effort and cooperation to make the work place safe for everyone.

There have been a lot of safety strategies designed and implemented to avoid work related injuries. However, according to statistics, serious workplace injuries are still far too common. The injuries are present in different organisations, in all kinds and sizes.

Based to the data from Safe Work Australia, the work related injuries cost Australia 5 percent of the nation’s GDP. That is around %60 billion every year. Most of the work related injuries happen during random incidents that are possible to happen to anyone at anytime.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Safe Work Australia Compendium of Workers’ Compensation Statistics, here are the top ten common workplace injuries in the country:

10. Burns – An individual form of work related injury that makes up 1.4 percent of the general figures of reported incidents.

9. Dislocation – Makes up 1.5 percent of incidents. Falls and trips usually cause them.

8. Hernia – Can be caused by improper lifting of heavy objects. This is also due to the separation of internal organs from the tissue holding them in place.

7. Deafness – Make up 3.6 percent of work related injuries. This is due to excessively loud equipment that produces sound over 85 dB.

6. Dorsopathies – Makes up the 6 percent of the work related injuries. This is caused by undue pressure on the back.

5. Tissue Disorders – This disorder involves disorders of muscles, tendons and soft tissues. This makes up 6.3 percent of all the work place related injuries in Australia.

4. Contusions – Make up 6.4 percent of the reported workplace incidents. These are bruises and skin injuries that have no open wound.

3. Open wound – Employees who work using machinery and sharp tools are the ones that are usually acquiring open wounds. This makes up the 7.7 percent of workplace injuries.

2. Fractures – This is the second most common work place injury in Australia. It makes up the 8.5 percent of the total incidents.

1. Sprains and strains – This makes the 41.8 percent reported incidents of all reported work related injuries in Australia. Improper lifting of objects and lack of proper stretching cause this.

All of these common work related injuries could be prevented if:

– Use proper lifting techniques
– Wear footwear suitable for the job and protective gears
– Keep an eye of items that can pierce your skin
– Proper training on using equipment
– Avoid repeating the same action for long periods of time.
– Take regular breaks
– Always maintain good posture
– Keep the working environment clutter-free as much as possible