A cropped shot of a handsome businessman under strain as colleagues request various things from him

Five Ways to Manage Stress

Stress can affect your health by what it can do to affect your mind, body, and lifestyle habits. Stress can stop people from doing their habits, such as exercise, seeing friends, eating healthy, and having quality sleep. The dysregulation of hormone’s system can also occur as the result of stress. Stress can affectthe brain chemicals which work in the hormonal system function. Stress can also affect metabolism and thyroid, as well as other system of the body.

Here are five ways you can do to manage your stress:

  1. Write down anything that can cause your stress
  2. Write down any solution or situation that can cure or ease the stress
  3. Note any ideas of how to reach the ideal solution in a realistic way
  4. Have a prioritized time for exercise
  5. Keep the nutrition and sleep the priority no matter how stressed you are

This is how to explain this stress management:

Some people feel stressed because of some situations, not only one. Sometimes, you feel stressed when you are about to give presentation. And when you feel this stress, you cannot do the usual activities that you always do like preparing dinner and picking up kids from school. Sometimes, even your spouse cannot help to relieve your stress. From here, you can learn to write down any stressors (anything that can cause stress).

After each stressor is written down, you can think of the ideal solution for each. After writing down all solutions, have some few days to brainstorm ideas to reach the ideal solution in a realistic way. For example, you can ask your spouse to help you pick up the kids, and about the food, you can, for instance, order food from healthy restaurants. Swapping household chores and roles with your spouse can also be a good thing to do. So, if one is busy, the other can help make the salad or pick up the kids, and so on.

What people forget to do when they are stressed is doing exercise because in most cases the stress has consumed your time. If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym or have usual exercise, spare 10 minutes of your time for simple exercise like running or just moving around the house.

Sleeping is also another important thing that you should not forget. Enough sleep can make you efficient and effective in working at home and at work. Remember that if you do not sleep, you will feel exhausted and you will end up doing something that is not your best for the work. Moreover, exhaustion can cause you to work twice longer and harder. So, make sleep your priority. Turn off the light when sleeping so when waking up you will feel fresh.

The last is food. You can have all the groceries prepared for you. This will help you when you have short time to prepare the foods. Pre-packaged salads or pre-cut vegetables or pre-marinated meats are recommended for you. They are a lot better than fast foods. Consuming fast foods can worsen your quality of sleep and make your body soggy and sluggish. Energy from good nutrients is all you need when you are stressed.

The point of all this is that you need to make a list of what you can do to manage stress. It will make the stress more manageable and organized. So, anytime you feel the stress, you just need to look at the list and you can manage the stress more easily.

Support from friends, family, and co-workers are also needed in the time of stress. You might be surprised on how much effect the care of these people can help to relieve your stress.