Tips on Juicing, Blending, and Mincing Fruits and Vegetables

Some experts have their own tips on how to juice, blend, and mince whole foods. Let’s have a peek here.

How to Juice Fruits and Vegetables

The juicing method will remove all the fiber from the fruits and vegetables and leave just the juice behind. Before buying the right juicer, browse the information in the internet or ask some friends for recommendation.

  • To keep the sugar content low, keep the 2:1 ratio of vegetables and fruits.
  • To save money on these two things, you can find the on-sale seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink the juice slowly. Don’t swallow it at once. Swish it around your mouth so the juice will mix with the saliva, the process of which will help the digestion process.
  • For organic citrus, you can blend it along with its rind. However, the taste will change but you must try it at least once just who knows you like the taste.
  • For any produce with waxy layer, you must peel them before juicing.

How to Blend Fruits and Vegetables

Your old blender can be used to make smoothies. If you are sure if the blender can blend smoothly, you can combine fruits and vegetables in one.

  • Don’t break your blender by putting all the whole fruits and vegetables without cutting them first.
  • To help you blend the ingredients more easily, add the liquid first before blending. The liquid can be either water, tea, coconut water, or any other liquid.
  • You can avoid adding ice by putting all your fruits and vegetables in the freezer. As a result, the smoothie can be frosty without having too much water in it.

How to Mince Raw Vegetables

This option is less popular compared to those two options mentioned above. However, this is one of the best ways to have vegetables into your diet and make it easier for them to be digested rather than munching them as a whole. You can mince some vegetables as finely as possible to make slaw. The fine mincing will ease the digestion process. Add balsamic vinegar or organic extra-virgin olive oil. You can use this slaw as a meal, salad or sandwich topping, or a side dish.

  • You can have some vegetables combination: cabbage, spinach, peppers, radish, kale, cauliflowers, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, etc.
  • You must mince the vegetables as finely as possible to ease the digestion process.
  • You can use food processor to mince the vegetables. Blender that has pulse setting can also be utilized.